Strategic Plan


front of library at night


     The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library has served our community since 1890, evolving to meet the varied library needs of our citizenry for over 130 years. In keeping with that evolution, the library worked with the State Library of Ohio to conduct a community survey and facilitate collaborative workshops for library staff, the Library Board and community leaders to identify priority focus areas for the library’s future. 

     The commitments identified in this report will provide clear direction to the continued development of the library. They will also inform annual action plans guiding the library’s short-term activities. 

     Mission Statement: The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library is dedicated to fostering a love of reading, viewing, and listening in our community, empowering individuals of all ages and backgrounds to build a more informed, engaged, and connected community.

The areas of focus for the 2024 Strategic Plan are as follows:     


Optimize Our Assets

     In a recent survey of community members, library staff were clearly identified as one of the library’s most important resources, with over 70% of respondents indicating that “staff always makes me feel welcome.” Their expertise in providing library service and their knowledge of our community are invaluable. FHCPL will support an engaging work environment that allows the continued development of library staff and their knowledge and skills. Staff will be prepared to continue providing excellent service to the community. 

FHCPL is committed to:

• Providing a professional staff with the skills necessary to meet the varied library needs of our community.
• Providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for staff, with opportunities for engagement and connection.
• Providing clear and consistent opportunities for library staff and patrons to learn about library collections, programs and services.
• Regularly reviewing policies to ensure they remain consistent with library values and the needs of our community.
• Providing clear and accurate procedures to facilitate workflow and empower staff.
• Providing easily accessible methods for staff and patrons to offer ideas to improve library services to ensure that our library remains relevant and responsive to the changing needs of our community.


Satisfy Curiosity

     Supporting lifelong learning is a hallmark of library service. Through library materials, programs and resources, community members can explore topics of personal interest and new ideas in an ever-changing world.
     Over 88% of community survey respondents indicated their primary purpose for visiting the library is to check out books and other library materials. They also desire a variety of programming for all age groups.
     Additionally, the library recognizes that literacy skills are critical to the ability of our patrons to become lifelong learners. Over 30% of community survey respondents indicated that the Dolly Parton Imagination Library or Read for Life programs were the most valuable services available to the community.

FHCPL is committed to:

• Providing a wide range of library materials in a variety of formats that is inclusive and reflective our community’s diverse needs and interests.
• Providing programs within the library and offsite that are inclusive of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.
• Offering opportunities for our community to explore new subjects, gain new skills and discover new passions.
• Supporting the development of literacy skills for community members of all ages.dults and teens will have the support they need to improve their literacy skills in order to meet their personal goals and fulfill their responsibilities as parents, citizens, and workers.


Prioritizing Partnerships

     Hancock County is a community rich in resources with a celebrated collaborative spirit. The willingness of our community to support partnerships and FHCPL’s willingness to be a partner within the community were identified as valued attributes during a workshop with Community Leaders.
     FHCPL is uniquely situated to reach the county-wide community with two library locations and outreach services. Through a continued commitment to partnerships with other Hancock County organizations, the library can positively impact the lives of residents by connecting them to resources including and beyond those offered by the library.

• Educating library staff on the resources available in the Hancock County community.
• Informing community partners about library resources that are relevant to their organizations.
• Collaborating with community partners to offer access to library resources and services to their clients.
• Collaborating with community partners to promote their resources and services to library patrons.
• Working with partners in the community to achieve library goals.
• Providing a presence at community-wide events in Findlay and Hancock County to promote library resources relevant to the intended audience.


Visit a Comfortable Space

     While library staff and collections are often considered the most important assets of the library, the physical spaces housing those resources deserve equal consideration and care. In a recent survey of community leaders all of their suggestions for ways to improve library services related to the physical space of the library. These thoughts were echoed by community survey respondents.
     To remain a vital and relevant community hub, FHCPL will work to provide spaces that bring people together.

FHCPL is committed to:

• Providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, reflective of our community’s diverse needs and interests.
• Providing a safe environment for staff and patrons.
• Providing a clean, comfortable and well-maintained library.
• Providing easily navigable spaces, so patrons may locate and access the information and resources they need.
• Providing public spaces that reflect the needs and interests of the community.
• Providing staff workspaces that facilitate excellent service to our community.