Internet and Public Computer Acceptable Use Policy


     The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library provides public computers and Wi-Fi access to library patrons and guests for educational, informational and recreational use.  Computer and internet users are asked to observe the following guidelines when using the library’s public internet computers and Wi-Fi network.


     Patrons must sign in to public computers using their ownlibrary card each time they use a public computer.  Visitors, age 18 and older, may present a valid form of identification and receive a guest pass for the day.


     If a patron is under 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign an Internet Permission Form in person and present it at the Circulation Desk.  As with other library materials, it is the parent or legal guardian of minor children who assumes responsibility for supervising access to online resources in the library.


     Public computers and the library’s Wi-Fi network may not be used for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.  Users may not send or receive or display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed to be obscene. 


     Patrons and guests may print from the public computers or wirelessly from their personal computers.  Printing fees will apply.


     Library staff will provide instructions in signing into the public internet computers and Wi-Fi network and other basic procedures of the library’s public internet computers.  Staff may not be able to provide further instruction, operate the computer for patrons or troubleshoot personal computers.


     Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in the temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges.


Revised: May 2021