photo of inside of library


    Adult Services Department      


    Book Cellar     419-434-1044
    Children’s Services Department           419-434-1077
    Circulation Services Department                


    Extension and Outreach Services Department             419-434-1123
    Genealogy Department     419-434-1143
    Media Services Department         419-434-1036
    Teen Services Department            419-434-1300


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    Sarah Clevidence, Director              


    Kelly Conine, Fiscal Officer           419-434-1478
    Lynnette Coppler, Media Services Manager     419-434-1475
    Brittany Lutes, Children’s Services Manager


    Joel Mantey, Adult Services Manager          419-434-1474
    Sharon Mason, Technical Services Manager      419-434-1432
    Heather Rhoads, Community Relations Coordinator     419-434-1480
    Kristy Szkudlarek, Read for LIFE Coordinator     419-422-3755
    Kayleen Veit, Extension & Outreach Services Manager     419-434-1440
     Holly Walter, Circulation Services Manager     419-434-1485

Courtney Ward, Information Technology Manager/

Human Resources Coordinator      

    James Wicker, Facility Manager           419-434-1477

Board of Trustees:


Dr. Julie McIntosh, President


Mr. John Preston, Vice-President


Mrs. Karen Flanagan, Secretary


Mr. Jerry Casey


Dr. James Darrach


Mr. Roger Miller


Mrs. Rosemary Rooker


    The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each

    month at 4:30 pm


    Public Participation Policy


    Ohio Checkbook