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Smithsonian Education offers a series of lessons about minerals, crystals and gems:

What help identifying crystals, rocks and minerals?  The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library has some great field guides for kids.

picture of a puppet theaterpicture of puppetphoto of Miss Sarah eating ice cream

What’s the Ice Cream Recipe?

Find the recipe here   

picture of eagle flying

What are Some Examples of Biomimicry?

This video from Teach Engineering is a great, simple introduction to biomimicry:

This video from Sci Show explores eight amazing examples of biomimicry:

drawing of magnets

picture of pom pom puppies

How Do I Make Patterned Pom Poms?
Leopard Print Pom Poms:…/pom-poms-tassels/how-to-make…/

Speckled, Striped and Colorblocked Pom Poms:…/how-to-make-patterned-pom-po…/

How Do I Make Other Animals Out of Pom Poms?
Bunny Tutorial:…


picture of sewing needle and thread in green and orange

 I found my square pattern here (as well as other shapes):

 Here's a pattern for a tooth-shaped tooth fairy pillow:

 And here are directions for making a letter-shaped printable pattern:


photo of raining inside a jarpicture of raining and rain drops on paper

The Artful Parent explores Tape Resist Paintings for Kids:

The Crafty Classroom uses masking to make Monet-inspired artwork:…/famo…/monet-craft-for-kids/

Arty Crafty Kids uses wax resist to create secret messages:

Powerful Mothering explores how to make spiral art with wax resist:


drawing of hologram in green

Where Do I Download the Hologram Projector Template?

Download the template from Beales Science:…/3d-hologram-projector-for-yo…

Where Can I Find Hologram Videos?

Hologram video of butterfly:

Hologram video of Earth:

Hologram video of jellyfish:

Hologram video of Minecraft:

Hologram video of Minions:

Hologram video of Super Mario:

How Can I Make an Animated Hologram?

A teacher explains how to make a simple animation with the drawing app DoInk (includes student-made examples):…/category/video-hologram

This tutorial explains how to make a hologram of your face using PowerPoint:…/hologram-video-pow…/

drawing of thread going through a needle in yellow

Where Can I Find the Patterns?
You can find the patterns here:

They are part of a sewing tutorial, which I also recommend:

picture of purple beaded bracelet

This tutorial explains how to glaze paper beads:


picture of red, blue and yellow kite flying


Learn how kites fly from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum:

picture of a stack of poetry books in blue, yellow and greenpicture of needle going through material

Where Can I Find the Patterns?
You can find the patterns here:

They are part of a sewing tutorial, which I also recommend:

picture of plants growing in potpicture of plantspicture of rainbowpicture of person talking on laptoppicture of needle and thread beside a card


Templates found here!              Animal Cards                       Birdhouse Cards                  Cactus Cards                 

                                                                                Cowboy/Cowgirl Cards         Knitting Monster Cards        Sew a Picture Card   


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