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Get inspired, be creative, and celebrate authors in your community. Throughout the month of November, the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library will feature author profiles on our website and social media. We will also share writing prompts, activities, and resources that our patrons can try at home. Check out this month-long celebration of creative writing and local authors.


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 teal background with books stacked on words Kristine        book cover with noodles on cover  Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE

Kristine Benishek, MLS

Kristine is a medical librarian and has written reviews of healthcare books for Library Journal. Her book is called Simply Soft Food: 200 Delicious and Nutritious Recipes for People with Chewing Difficulty. This home-style cookbook includes 60 main dishes, 20 soft sandwiches, 40 side dishes, over 20 breakfast meals, breads, soups, and desserts.

To learn more about Kristine and her book, find soft food tips, and view sample recipes, visit her website at



teal background with books stacked on words David      book cover with ring on cover      Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE                                                         

David Bettenhausen and Carla Bogni-Kidd

David and Carla are friends and co-authors. In their two books The Gifts of Past Lives and Hell No, Reincarnation?, the authors explore their spiritual journey and reconcile their spiritual experience with their religious upbringing and published research. They say meditation, when practiced daily, provides many health benefits, and they recommend 30 minutes of meditation first thing each morning.

Learn more about David and Carla and their books at



teal background with books stacked on words Kristine    book cover with spoon and drug needle       Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE   

Jennifer Cannon

Jennifer is the author of Spoons and Needles, a book about the impact of heroin addiction on a family. The story is told from five perspectives, including Heather, who has overdosed, Johnny, who’s in recovery, their daughter, and Heather’s parents. Jennifer was inspired to write this story because of those she has loved and lost to addiction.

Learn more about Jennifer and her book from her Facebook page,



teal background with books stacked on words Cassie    book cover girl with sword   book cover girl with sword      Check Regen out of the library or put it on hold HERE      

Cassie Greutman

Cassie writes YA urban fantasy books with strong family themes. Her first two books, titled Regen and Ecokinesis, are about Trisha, an orphan teen with fae abilities who finds herself in dangerous situations. Cassie is now working on the third book in this Penchant for Trouble series.

Learn more about Cassie’s books and writing projects from her Facebook page:



teal background with books stacked on words   pentagram and photo of woman with long black hair   Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE 


Suzan Harden

Suzan Harden is a prolific author of the fantasy and science fiction genres and has created and published books in at least five different series. She has also written miscellaneous short stories. Right now she is working on the first book in her new Soccer Moms of the Apocalypse series, Pestilence in Pumpkin Spice. Her other series include Justice, Bloodlines, 888-555-HERO, The Justice Thalia Stories, and Millersburg Magick Mysteries.  Learn more about Suzan and her books from her website




teal background with books stacked on words Theresa   book cover roses on a plate with frilly pattern     Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE

Theresa Konwinski

Theresa is the author of four novels and enjoys writing about Northwest Ohio and Hancock County. Her stories feature relatable families that celebrate the good times and cope with the bad times. In Love10, Theresa’s newest book, a young Ohio couple is tested by the Great Depression, two deadly illnesses, and World War II. While Theresa enjoys happy endings, her stories may leave you wondering.

Find out more about Theresa and her books on Twitter @TLKonwinski, Facebook,  and her blog,



teal background with books stacked on words Ruth   book cover with clouds in blue sky    Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE

Ruth Naylor

Ruth is the author of three books, but has been writing and freelancing articles and poems since the 1960s. Her work has appeared in over 50 magazines, anthologies, and books, and her poetry has won awards. Her newest book, Faith Talk, is a spiritual memoir in which she reflects on her personal stories of faith and includes questions for the reader to consider. You can learn more about Ruth and her memoir at




teal background with books stacked on words Josh photo   book cover with child-like drawings     Check out another book by this author HERE

Josh Nealis

Josh has authored stories, poems, comics, and more. He describes most of his work as adult comedy infused with life lessons and a bit of silliness. But he does have a children’s book, Judy and Her Blue Cape. It’s about Judy adventuring around her new town, having fun and learning from her mistakes.

Learn more about Josh and his work from his Facebook page and website



teal background with books stacked on words Jodee        little cat sleeping on sidewalk   Check out another great Jodee Paxton book HERE

Jodee Paxton

Jodee Paxton is the author of six novels and describes her writing as Christian romance that often involves older characters. She promises to always include dogs and horses in her stories. Her newest book, Abigail’s Someday, is about a character who finds herself in a dark place until she saves, and is saved by, a litter of abandoned puppies.

Visit Jodee’s Facebook page to learn more about her books and writing:



teal background with books stacked on words Tyler   book cover with little girl on foggy playground    Check out some other great Tyler Porter books HERE

Tyler Porter

Since he was young, Tyler has enjoyed creative writing and telling stories. He is now an independent author of suspenseful thriller novels. His newest book, Sleeping Beauties, is the third in his Casey Norris series about a detective who works with his team to solve grisly murder cases. Tyler has also published three books in his Love Before Law series and the first book of his Paul Marshal series.

Learn more about Tyler and his books at

You can find Tyler on Twitter @authorporter, Facebook, ,     Instagram, , and Goodreads



teal background with books stacked on words Diane    book cover showing woman on motorcycle driving up mountainside     Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE

Diane Rau

Diane wrote travel articles for magazines before writing her first novel. Buried Betrayals, a romantic suspense, is about a Harley-riding heroine, discovering herself among lies, loss, love, and other twists and turns. Diane’s other books include a romance novella and a collection of short stories about cats. Her newest book will be available in 2021.

Learn more about Diane and her work from her Facebook page



teal background with books stacked on words Patty    white book cover with blue falling feather    Check out an interview with the author in Mature Living HERE

Patty Slupecki

In 2002, Patty’s husband was killed in a bicycling accident and she was left with overwhelming grief, depression, and numbness. For years, she was stuck in survival mode, raising their two children. She then developed a disease that required 19 surgeries and decided to reevaluate her life. Her book Suddenly Widowed: A Memoir of Survival is the story of her journey through grief to purposeful, reimagined life. Patty is also a coach and speaker dedicated to helping others overcome challenges to rebuild their lives.

Visit Patty’s website and Facebook page to learn more about her work.



teal background with stacked books and photo of author   Check this book out of the library or put it on hold HERE


Mary Stockwell

Mary writes narrative history and biographies about the United States and has also written history books for grade school and college students. Her book The Other Trail of Tears: The Removal of the Ohio Indians was a 2016 finalist for the Ohio Library Association’s Best Book Award. One of her books for young readers, Massachusetts, Our Home, was the 2005 winner of the Golden Lamp Award from the Association of Educational Publishers for Best Book.

Learn more about Mary and her books from her website





teal background stacks of books and author's photo    Check out the author on YouTube with the Virtual Literary Society HERE

D.M. Testa

D.M. Testa is a narrative nonfiction author of the historical and true crime genres. Her book Defending the Dillinger Gang: Jessie Levy and Bess Robbins in the Courtroom is the story of two defense attorneys defying norms and representing murder suspects against a corrupt prosecutor in Lima, Ohio in the 1930s.

Learn more about D.M. Testa from her website



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